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Single page web design is also in trend now for various reasons and aspects…. but what most important is, do you really need one? When should you go for a single page website? We might have tons of similar questions in our mind.

In general, if your site doesn’t have much of a contents or sections, it’s better to go with a single page website designing and development. In a single page website design and development all the contents stays on a single page and it may not have any standard navigational links, but some basic navigation to jump around within the page.

A single page website plays a crucial role in today’s online marketing scenario, due to its rich Text content, which is accessible without any additional clicks or reloads. With admin section for content management (text or media) of your website, this makes it quite economic not only from maintenance aspect but also beneficial from Organic SEO perspective. Although proper standard and convention needs to be followed while developing one. You can also have it as a responsive layout which will make your site accessible to mobile or hand held device users.

How it works

From design aspect its quite a challenge, where you need to go straight to the point of your goal and make direct impact. The layout framework and content positioning should be such that your visitor’s interest and attention is kept to its maximum. We can apply some jQuery stuffs to make it bit more interactive and retain a visitor for maximum period of time. We can even have an Opten form for the visitors to fill up and generate some vital leads to your business.

What it cost

Every project is unique and development cost is no exceptional, it is directly proportional to its uniqueness and requirement. In general a cost of a single page website varies from design complexities and volume of contents. Here you will also get a CMS section for content updating from time to time after deployment and three month free SEO service. I would appreciate if you contact me with your unique requirement and after our initial interaction I shall send you a proposal.

Get Started

If the above interest you and you would like to get one single page web design for your business, I would be happy to discuss, just contact me and send me your requirement details, I shall co-ordinate with you accordingly, within 12 – 24 hours. I am reachable 7 days a week!

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