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Responsive web design service:
mobile web site development, ecommerce site, responsive WordPress theme, responsive theme design, mobile user interface. We provide special package for startups, small business, Enterprise, mid size business establishments, professional, individuals across India, USA and Canada.

Responsive web design is a technique by which your website designs or layout gets formatted in such a way that a user gets the optimum viewing experience in any device. It ensures that your website gets viewed in a smart phone or tablets/iPad or Desktop to its full potential without getting messed up or getting partially displayed.

It’s always a smart decision to go with a responsive website design and development for a feature proof web presence, in this current world of various gadgets as very other day a new gadget gets launched. Moreover the numbers of mobile internet users are far more than Desktop user. So, it won’t be wrong if you think of a mobile website in first place, when planning for a website design and developed or redesigned.

But basic strategy is to build a website for a desktop and then trim it up or do necessary adjustment to make it fit a smart phone resolution or an iPad/tablet resolution. It is not only the resolution of the screen that matters but also the browser type. While crafting a mobile website, we should keep into our account that it needs to show up well in variety of browsers.

Apart from the above technical stuffs we also need to make some critical decisions on the content type that will be shows to our viewer while viewing on a hand held device, in order to providing the maximum information at a less bandwidth usage and faster loading time.

If you would like to have a mobile website built that makes professional presentation of your or your organization or business, than you can give us the opportunity to serve you well. As we will also provide a Free SEO service for 3 months from the date of deployment and ongoing support or assistance for 6 month for free, we are looking forward to your enquiry or request for a no obligation free estimate!

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