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Durga Puja is an important socio-cultural annual religious festival observed by Hindus from ancient times by worshipping goddess Durga and celebrating her victory over the mythological demon named Mahishasura. Hindu scriptures depict goddess Durga as a warrior goddess carrying different weapons in her ten arms and riding on a lion. Her appearance is also interpreted as an embodiment of feminine power in Indian culture and society. Durga Puja is observed widely across India.

Bengali Hindus celebrate this festival as Sharodotsav (autumn festival) or Sharadiya Durga Puja. It is their biggest religious festival which, they celebrate with great excitement and fanfare.

With passage of time the trend and custom has been preserved, but new elements got introduced to this religious festival from time to time by every generation. For the past few years web presence has made a dramatic entry and has induced a positive vibe to this festival, more and more of Durga Puja Committee or the Organizing bodies are opting for website for their Cub, Committee, etc.

A website for Durga Puja Committee not only helps to make a mass publicity on the web but also helps to collect donation in and around their locality as well as from abroad donors. A website also helps to get in touch with general contributor and also sell commercial ad space for Sponsors.

If your Puja Committee is looking forward to get a website designed and developed, thank you are at the right place, feel free to ask for a free estimate and we will get back to you within 12hrs.

Reference  Durga Puja Committee website : http://www.baishalipallyab.com/

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